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  12. Interesting how the Mets’ outfield defense, within the span of three short years, went from an all-time franchise best in 1996 to the all-time franchise worst in 1999. That’s quite a remarkable slide.One nit to pick: I think the 1974 centerfielder’s name was Don Hahn, not Tom Hahn.

  13. Why are there more articles on another possible Bama-LSU BCS rematch?? Didn’t we see that already?? I’m all for the SEC winning another BCS title but I think I speak for the rest of the SEC East when I say enough is enough!! LSU already lost to an SEC East team….

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  18. you missed an awful storm on Saturday, so I guess it’s better that you didn’t come 🙂 We had to get back to TM cause we didn’t have any more warm, dry clothes.@ Gracie: Oh, you have fun as well! Can hardly wait for the story and the pictures! >:D:D

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  20. I live in North Carolina and Patrick is one nasty little asshole. He is vile. And I don’t care how you feel about outing, when people in power are nasty and mean like Tom DeLay and Partick McHenry, they need to be monitored very closely and called on their hypocrises. I’m also a 50 year old gay man, and am sick of these closet hypocrites secretly voting to limit rights for gays while they are doing the same thing secretely. It’s pathetic.

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  38. #34,26, and others: He may break the barrier and then again he may not. It really depends on how he holds himself during the descent and how aerodynamically efficient his suit is; at those speeds it does not take a lot to really slow you down due to wind resistance. Granted, that (wind resistance) is minimized at the beginning of the plummet as the air is really thin that high, however, it is still a factor. Terminal/peak velocity (during the flight, not at the end when it is zero) depends as much on aerodynamics as it does gravity.

  39. Après 50 ans de lavage de cerveau des francais concernant le nucléaire, que peut on attendre d´un referendum. Les francais n´ont malheureusement aucune conscience à l´égard de ce sujet. Pour eux renoncer au nucléaire c´est les renvoyer au chauffage au bois et à la bougie.

  40. I love this idea of “who cares”—because, ultimately, the only people who do care at day’s end (and who we should care about in turn) are those we love. The others? In the words of e.e.cummings, “Let them go, dear.”

  41. 這又是我朋友Min-Yu的有趣回應:瞭解!其實吃都吃了,有問題也該發生了!不放心的話,就只好去看醫生檢查一下!至於未來,就只能要求政府嚴格把關囉~現在大家之所以沒信心,是政府政策搖擺所致。政府之前居然一下說要「靠廠商良心」、一下說「不會坐視不管」,沒想到變成「靠!廠商良心?」å’Œ「不會做事!不管!」所幸,現在政府好像已經要求必須用靈敏度 0.05ppm 的儀器來檢驗了!

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  46. Peter, by debating the minutae of the elements of expediture versus cutbacks, you allow the pollies to frame the argument.The discussion is not how much or how little.Rather, it is, as of course you well know – whether or not any of this is the role of the gummint in the first place.

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  50. I think the PV set is a bit “tiny”. Idk, maybe it’s just me, bcs i like to watch a more open set, like the OVER one. And the catwalk part, ugh, i don’t get it (read: I hate it!). Maybe Johnny’s should spends more money for that.As for Sexy Zone, omedetto. More singles and soon albums. But i don’t hope it’s (another) Yuuki 100% version. New songs, please, Johnny san..And last, Kamichan, Glückliche Geburtstag <– Blame my friend if i say the wrong thing.. :p

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